Render of a wooden hand sanitizer stationThough no business has been immune from the effects of COVID-19, retail stores have been hit especially hard. Many non-essential businesses were forced to close temporarily, while those permitted to stay open were impacted by reduced foot traffic as a result of stay-at-home orders. Even now, as the economy reopens, many people are choosing to spend less time in public—and that includes less time shopping.

Retailers are getting creative and going to great lengths to help their employees and customers stay safe and enjoy the shopping experience. Stores have increased their retail sanitation protocols in line with CDC guidance, and often require gloves for employees and masks for everyone. Many are limiting the number of shoppers allowed in the store at a given time, directing customers to move in a certain flow throughout the store to help them maintain appropriate physical distance, and setting up plexiglass partitions as a barrier between customers and employees at the register.

The best approach to safety is multi-faceted. Businesses are adopting as many COVID prevention practices as possible. Solutions like these are becoming the “new normal” for businesses and their customers, and Northern Metal Products is proud to produce some of the retail sanitation equipment these stores require.

Hand Sanitizer Stations Made in the USA

Render of a hand sanitizer standStores are equipping high-traffic areas, like entrances and exits, with hand sanitizer dispenser stands. These are often touch-free solutions, relying on motion sensors or foot pedals to dispense the sanitizer. Many stores hang signs asking people to disinfect their hands as they enter the store or before they grab a cart; they might also include disinfectant wipes to allow people to wipe the cart handle before they begin.

These stations can also be placed at each register, so employees can disinfect their hands between customers. Placing them in the warehouse or loading dock gives those workers a chance to disinfect frequently after handling various products.


Physical barriers, like partitions, have become a popular solution for separating employees from customers at the registers and customer service desks. These are becoming common in restaurants and office settings to separate tables or desks.

This extra layer of protection is especially durable and easy to clean, as are the accessories that hold the materials in place, such as legs, clamps, and brackets. If desired and if time permits, it can be disinfected after every customer.

Sanitary Partitions & Displays from Northern Metal Products

For more than 60 years, Northern Metal Products has been providing OEM metal fabrication services for customers around the globe in industries like agriculture, medical, food and beverage, filtration, HVAC, automotive, construction, and many more. In light of COVID-19, we recognized the opportunity we had to help the community with necessary retail sanitation equipment to aid in COVID prevention—particularly as that equipment was originally in short supply.

We proudly produce hand sanitizer dispenser stands and legs for partitions, among other retail equipment. We have long specialized in point-of-purchase displays, and that now includes partitions. Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our custom retail sanitation solutions.