One of the best methods for cutting sheet metal is laser cutting. Numerous industries today from automotive and aerospace to agriculture and energy use this incredibly precise and versatile non-contact process, and with good reason. Laser cutting can efficiently deliver cuts in sizes and specifications that aren’t possible through some other cutting methods while keeping productivity up and production costs and labor needs down.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

One of the reasons laser cutting has gained such popularity is the cost involved. Laser cutting operations are most often far less costly than other cutting systems. Since laser cutting machines utilize the accuracy of CNC automation, labor costs remain low. Little human input is necessary once technicians have entered the specifications into the system. This means the lasers can function overnight, or when there aren’t operators nearby.

Lasers are highly effective for rapid cutting. Their speeds can reach up to 70 inches per minute. The rapidity depends upon the tolerances and complexities involved in the cutting design. However, systems can even address those potential drawbacks by using more than one laser at once, or a laser with a multi-head.

At Northern Metal Products, we utilize the following top-of-the-line automated cutting equipment:

  • 2,000-watt Mazak
  • 4,000-watt AMADA
  • BLM LC5 Tube/Sheet Laser System

Efficiency is key with laser cutting. Lasers also have the unique advantage of never dulling, as die cutting tools do, allowing for clean, small, and intricate cuts while achieving tight tolerances. When considering laser cutting versus die cutting, there won’t be any downtime during laser production runs to replace worn components. This translates to shorter lead times and superior productivity, along with high reliability and low defect occurrence. The elimination of such workflow stoppages also plays a part in lowering overall project costs.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services at Northern Metal Products

We offer a variety of custom metal fabrication services to suit your needs. These include:

  • Laser cutting. Laser cutting is key to achieving speed, quality, and reliable production times for precision metal parts. Lasers help to minimize labor expenses while increasing accuracy. Our equipment allows us to create consistent cuts and tight tolerances on stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum sheets, ranging from 0.25 to 0.5 inches thick.
  • CNC punching. Computer numerically controlled, or CNC, metal punching is a common sheet metal fabrication process that stamps shapes into metal pieces or sheets. Punch presses are electromechanical devices that generate patterns and move tools according to the software specifications in the system.
  • Metal forming. This metalworking process creates metal components through mechanical reshaping and bending for components up to 0.5 inches in thickness. The system reshapes the parts without adding or removing materials, and the metal’s mass remains consistent.
  • Welding. We offer a number of welding capabilities for your project. Northern Metal Products has semi- and fully automatic MIG and TIG welding services, as well as CNC and robotic welding equipment, to consistently achieve tight tolerances.
  • Finishing. We have powder coating and finishing processes to meet the needs of our clients in all industries, including construction, filtration, and agriculture. We utilize spray epoxy, polyurethane, electrostatic powder coating, hybrid coatings, and spray vinyl.
  • Machining services. At Northern Metal Products, we offer CNC machining services to our customers.

Partner With Northern Metal Products

Northern Metal Products has been helping clients since 1959 with their metal fabrication needs. We can provide a variety of custom solutions including laser cutting services with our advanced CNC and robotic technologies. We focus on quality manufacturing, tight tolerances, rapid lead times, and full customer service for OEM services and POP display manufacturing. We strive to be more than just a vendor; we wish to be your trusted industry partner. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.