Northern Metal Products utilizes a wide array of machining equipment for cutting metal, general machining, forming, welding, hardware insertion, finishing, powder coating, wood fabrication, assembly and fulfillment, quality control, and material handling.


Metal Cutting Equipment

2CO2 flat sheet lasers2000 and 4000 watt, up to 1/2" capacity
1Fiber Optic Combo flat sheet, tube laserTube up to 3.5" diameter
1Sheet metal shear10' wide up to 1/4" thick
1Large tilting Frame bandsaw 
1Turret punch30 ton-52 station thick style
6Wire straighten, cut machines.062" dia up to .375 dia
3Wire chopping machine 
1Corner notch cutting machineUp to 10ga sheet

Machining Equipment

6Vertical millBridgeport style
13-axis CNC mill48"X18" bed
1CNC lathe12 position tool turret
1Surface grinder 
1Engine lathe 
1CNC router 
1Band saw 
7Drill press 
2Thread tapping machine

Forming Equipment

3Accurpress brake60 ton (6-10ft)
3Amada Press brake125 ton- (10ft)
8Punch press30-200 ton
1Coil feeder and straightener for punch presses18" wide by .105" max thick
2CNC 3D wire benders Up to 3/8 dia BB wire
1CNC 2D table bender with butt-weld Up to 3/8 dia BB wire
7Pneumatic table bendersBend up to 1/2" stainless steel
2CNC rotary draw tube benders with push bend capability1/2" to 2" diameter
1Tube swaging machine1" to 2.0"
2Diacro rotary bender, hand operated

Welding Equipment

3CNC 2 axis spot welder96" by 55"
7MIG welder, manual stations 
2TIG welder, manual stations 
6Robotic MIG welders 
11Single phase spot welding machines30 kva to 200 kva
1Mid frequency DC spot welder350 KVA
4Custom built spot welders, product specific 
2Capacitance discharge stud welders 
3Wire butt-welders

Hardware Insertion

2Hydraulic insertion presses, with auto-feeder bowl 

Finishing Equipment

multipleHand grinders 
multipleBelt sanders 
multipleHand orbital disc sanders 
1Time saver 
1Vibratory bowl finisher 

Powder Coating Department

1600 foot continuous conveyor system 
1Phosphate free multi stage pre-treatment system 
1Gema Magic compact automatic powder coating booth 
1Infrared and convection cure ovens 

Wood Fabrication

1Pocket screw machine 
1Laminate edgeband machine 
1Weeke Vantech router with tool change5 x 10 full sheet
1Automatic panel sawMultiple stack 5' x 10' sheets
1Horizontal wood boring machine 

Assembly and Fulfillment

multipleRivet guns, hand and pneumatic  
multipleHand held assembly tools 
multipleRivet nut gun 
4Weigh counting scales 
4Poly bag sealers 
1Bubble wrap machine 
2Box taping machine 
3Banders, for packaging 
4Stretch wrap machine 

Quality Department

1Romer arm with PC-DMIS and tube shaper 
2Granite surface measuring plates 
multipleHand inspection equipment 

Material Handling

1Top running bridge crane 
3Jib crane  
20Pallet jacks