Pump water from a lake, river, canal, cistern or well!

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Economical! Kleen-Flo installs quickly on any system, saves many dollars on initial cost, requires minimum attention and maintenance, stays effective for years. The Kleen-Flo Intake Screen excludes virtually all dirt and foreign matter from the intake stream, protects pumping equipment from foul-up, eliminates the fuss and clogging of many filtering devices.

Durable! The Kleen-Flo Intake Screen consists of a rust-protected cylindrical metal cage with a slip over screen of fine-mesh flexible fiberglass…this fiberglass “bag” fits snugly and completely over the cylinder and is secured with a heavy nylon draw cord. The fiberglass screen is heavy-duty grade, immune to rot or mildew, highly resistant to puncture, readily cleaned by water-spray or brushing. The fiberglass screen is replaceable in minutes at a low replacement cost.

Functional! The cage is all metal, solidly welded into one unit, vinyl coated against corrosion, with a MIPT (Male Iron Pipe Thread) connection of 2-inches in diameter. The Kleen-Flo cylinder measure 9-inches in diameter, 28-inches in height, providing a large area of constant, clear water for volume piping without congestion at the suction point. Pumping capacity of 6,000 gallons per hour is assured with this unit.

Kleen-Flo is great for cottages, farms, irrigation systems, stock-watering pumps, lawn-sprinkling installations, reserve ponds & wells, camps and resorts!