POP displays are valuable marketing and branding tools that allow your product to stand out in an oversaturated market. They stand apart from traditional aisle shelving and can be permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary depending on the product and marketing strategy. Displayed throughout the store in high-traffic areas, these cost-effective displays can increase product exposure, but an effective design is essential to a successful POP display. 

With unlimited customization options, it is essential to partner with an experienced POP display fabrication team to create a point of purchase display design that optimizes product engagement. At Northern Metal Products, our design and prototype team will work with you to quickly create the most effective, engaging display for your product.

Our Process

A well-designed POP display is a powerful tool for brands seeking to increase brand or product awareness and boost sales. Northern Metal Products’ design and prototype team has the experience and skill to handle the entire creation process from conception to distribution.

  • Ideation: Based on your needs and budget, we utilize the ideation stage to determine the most effective type of display, the required materials, and an innovative visual design that will draw the most attention and motivate customers to purchase. In this collaborative process, we provide you with detailed 3D renderings to help visualize the final product.
  • Engineering & Prototyping: We have invested in innovative design tools, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge to translate the renderings from the ideation stage into functional, eye-catching prototypes in a matter of days. Our quick turnaround time allows you to view the full-size display and make any design changes before committing to a full production run.
  • Print & Fabrication: With our in-house woodshop and state-of-the-art fabrication technologies, we can produce your displays and deliver them to you much faster than an outsourced manufacturer. 
  • Kitting & Distribution: We are capable of any sized production run — from a standalone display to a national rollout. Our advanced technology, engineering, and design techniques allow us to produce superior displays while meeting your budget and deadlines.

POP Display Benefits

The majority of purchase decisions are not made until the customer is inside the store. POP displays can drive impulse purchases by drawing the customer’s attention. Apart from increasing attention, POP displays offer several other advantages, including:

  • Brand Building: As a byproduct of promoting the product, POP displays also promote brand awareness and can help establish brands in their intended market.
  • Affordable Advertising: POP displays generate high ROI because they are positioned in high-traffic areas and are relatively inexpensive to manufacture.
  • Increased Sales: A professionally designed POP display helps products stand out amongst a sea of merchandise, increasing the probability that customers will purchase your product. 
  • Highlight Features: POP displays can provide helpful information to the customer about proper use, important features, care instructions, and more.

Custom POP Displays at Northern Metal

At Northern Metal Products, we take a collaborative approach to create eye-catching, custom displays focused on design and advanced structural engineering to fit the unique needs of our customers. We complete every step of the process in-house, giving us total control of design and production. This allows us to focus on customer satisfaction through superior design and prototyping. 

From permanent and temporary displays to floor and counter displays, we can customize every type of display with features like custom display shelving, sign holders, hooks, bold graphics, and more to optimize your product display and ensure enhanced product visibility.

For more than 50 years we have been a trusted partner in metal fabrication and high-quality in-house manufacturing. We pride ourselves in continually improving our practices and products to provide our customers with solutions that exceed their expectations.

To learn more about our custom POP display solutions, contact us or request a quote today!