POP, or point of purchase, displays can be a critical component of enhancing your brand and product visibility by creating a functional and attractive way to make your products stand out. Custom designed and manufactured to be eye-catching and durable enough to maintain a high-quality look, our POP displays will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

What Are POP Displays?

POP displays are specialized fixtures, racks, shelving, signage, wraps, and other elements that are designed to separate a product or brand and make it more visible and accessible, encouraging customers to pay attention and explore their contents. From small, countertop units to full wall displays, Northern Metal Products can work with you to create a display system that shows off your product and exhibits your brand message and identity.

POP Display Materials

We can make your POP displays or fixtures from a variety of materials in our fully equipped design and fabrication facility. Popular materials we work with include:

  • Wire
  • Wood
  • Sheet Metal
  • Tubing


Types of POP Displays

Point of purchase displays can be temporary, such as a display of holiday decor, or longer lasting, such as a large display for batteries or sunglasses or a regular fixture in your space. Because we make POP displays to meet your needs, every display is a custom unit, designed to highlight and complement your products and draw in your customers. Point of purchase displays can merely show off merchandise, or can include interactive and multifunctional elements. Some of our typical POP displays include:

  • Permanent displays: These displays are designed to be part of your basic retail operations, providing appealing, easy access to lure customers into browsing your products. Most commonly they incorporate racks, shelving, and tables, to show a quantity or variety of merchandise. Permanent displays can be any size, but are generally larger and are designed to be part of your regular store operations.
  • Countertop displays: Adding some countertop displays can bring added focus to specific products, usually smaller items that might easily be swallowed up without some special attention. Despite their name, countertop displays are also frequently used on shelves and other surfaces to organize and highlight specific products. Countertop displays are also popular for brochures, business cards, and other small items in checkout areas.
  • Custom fixtures: A custom fixture is designed and created specifically to meet your precise point of purchase display needs. Popular custom fixture styles include tall units that can display a large quantity of merchandise with a small footprint, endcap units, literature racks, and kiosks, all customized to your needs. When designing custom fixtures, we are mainly limited by your imagination, your budget, and the capabilities of the materials we work with.
  • Custom sign-holders: Whether you want freestanding floor signs to direct visitors to specific store areas or advertise sales, checkout area sign holders to inform customers, or any other type of sign holder, we stand ready to help you design and create it.
  • Custom hooks: From angled, waterfall hanging bars to uniquely shaped hooks for specialized merchandise displays, custom hooks can enhance a brand’s identity and improve product visibility.

Northern Metal Products’ OEM Metal Fabrication

At Northern Metal Products, our goal is to create customized point of purchase displays that will wow you and your customers. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility offers capabilities including metal cutting, CNC machining, wire and tube forming, welding, and woodworking. We bring decades of expertise with complete POP display solutions from design and fabrication through assembly and fulfillment. Contact us for more information or request a quote and explore our POP display capabilities to find out how we can make your products stand out.

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