Determining what you want to display is easy. Figuring out how to display it can be challenging. Fortunately, Northern Metal Products gives you an array of product types to help you create point-of-purchase displays that engage your customers and motivate them to buy.

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Custom Nesting TablePermanent (built-in) displays

– Built directly into the foundation of your retail operation, permanent POP displays are designed with your customer in mind, taking into consideration purchasing motivation, location and product presentation to deliver attractive, inviting and functional appeal.

Countertop displays

– From cookies and artwork to brochures and maps, our countertop displays combine function and flare. Custom solutions are designed and fabricated in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes in order to showcase your products and appeal to your customers.

Custom fixtures

– Ideal for drawing attention to new products, seasonal items or extraordinary sales, fabrication options for custom fixtures are virtually limitless by incorporating creativity, style and craftsmanship into new or existing displays.

Custom sign-holders

– Custom, affordable and eye-catching, custom sign-holders offer a convenient, effective way for directing and motivating your audience, and providing options for using a variety of fabrication materials.

Custom hooks

– Creativity meets function with custom hooks, while offering completely customizable options so you can display your hanging products with optimum style.

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