Point of purchase (POP) displays increase the visibility of a product in a setting separate from standard aisle shelving. They act as an eye-catching spotlight, allowing for strategic product placement in high-traffic areas throughout a store where the display will draw attention away from competing brands. Easily customizable, POP displays come in a diverse array of sizes, shapes, and materials to best fit your brand’s marketing needs and capitalize on impulse buyers.

At Northern Metal Products, we have over half a century of experience delivering expertly crafted prototypes and display products, including custom display shelving, custom countertop displays, permanent displays, and more.

Custom POP Displays

POP Display Creation Process

Creating an engaging and effective POP display is a multi-step process that requires professional design and engineering capabilities, as well as an understanding of what best catches a customer’s eye. Northern Metal Products provides full-service POP development and fabrication services, from design ideation to final distribution.


The design stage of POP display development is a collaborative experience between the experts at Northern Metal Products and your team. During this phase, our designers work closely with you to determine all of the important information and goals for the project. This includes:

  • Project budget and time frame
  • Desired display type (permanent, temporary, freestanding, countertop, etc.)
  • Materials (wood, sheet metal, wire, tubing, and more) 

The most successful POP displays begin with an imaginative and memorable design that will grab customers’ attention. During the ideation stage of display development, Northern Metal Products provides you with detailed 3D renderings to help give you a clear visual of the end product.

Prototype Creation

After we help you decide on the specifics for your point of purchase display design, the prototyping phase can begin. During this part of the process, our design team continues to work in collaboration with your staff to explore solutions for cost savings and easy assembly.

Northern Metal Products uses design tools including AutoCAD, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks to create design renderings. After we complete any desired revisions, our team will create a design prototype to meet your project’s objectives. As Northern Metal Products is a one-stop shop, we produce full-size, functional prototypes within days. You can then decide if any changes are necessary before committing to a full production run.


High-quality graphics are essential to many types of POP displays. With round-the-clock production, Northern Metal Products has the resources to ensure professional and long-lasting printed graphics for an array of display options. We use state-of-the-art fabrication technology as well as an in-house woodshop to produce displays significantly faster than outsourced manufacturers. Our comprehensive selection of manufacturing equipment allows us to provide diverse solutions with reduced lead times.


From a stand-alone display to a nationwide rollout, Northern Metal Products handles production runs of any size. Whatever deadlines or budget constraints your project entails, our team can meet your specifications and deliver superior displays. In addition, we offer warehousing and inventory fulfillment services to assist with your storage, shipping, and delivery needs.

Custom POP Display Uses & Advantages

Display customization is a critical aspect of marketing retail products effectively. Your brand and your products are unique and require innovative, bold displays that meet the goals of your project as well as any retailer merchandising requirements. Northern Metal Products will work with you to develop strategic display designs that improve product presentation and visibility while meeting any retailer-specific regulations. POP displays can effectively:

  • Expand brand awareness. High-quality, custom POP displays grab customers’ attention and introduce them to the availability of your particular product in the wider market, communicating a lasting message about your brand to consumers. They are a highly visible and effective method of product promotion that can also encourage trust in your brand.
  • Generate a high ROI and enhance sales. POP displays deliver a very high ROI as they are composed of high-quality materials that look great while being fairly inexpensive. The flexibility of POP display appearance, permanence, and placement helps them grab attention. Positioned in visible locations, customers see POP displays when they’re most likely to make a purchase decision. They force customers to interact with your product and are highly effective at encouraging sales.
  • Emphasize product features. Not only do POP displays enhance a customer’s shopping experience, but they can also communicate additional information about your product, including its features, uses, or care instructions. Also, POP displays can highlight new, on-sale, or seasonal items.
  • Capitalize on impulse buyers. Custom POP displays create a larger space for your product, making it easier for shoppers to notice and remember. Customers who are already inside the store are the target market for POP displays, with the displays presenting your advertising message when that target audience is most likely to buy. Presenting customers with an impactful display greatly increases the chance they will decide to purchase your product in particular.

Custom Display Solutions From Northern Metal Products

Northern Metal Products is a one-stop shop for expertly engineered custom display solutions. From design and prototyping to production, our highly equipped facility delivers eye-catching displays that meet your budget and time constraints. We can also custom-develop POP display products to address specific marketing or sales goals and match your branding. Finally, we offer powder coating to give additional product flexibility and quality control.

Custom display shelving and POP displays from Northern Metal Products solve merchandising problems and generate increased customer interest in your brand. We engineer our displays for maximum strength and easy assembly. At Northern Metal Solutions, we deliver:

  • Advanced engineering. Our experienced design team will collaborate with your staff on the design process, using AutoCAD, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks, among other tools, to create unique, workable, and effective designs.
  • Aggressive lead-times. We strive to be a one-stop shop for our customers, so we are capable of handling most of your work on-site, allowing us to provide tight turn times.
  • Innovative designs. Our design team’s goal is to partner with you on your POP needs and actualize an interesting, quality design that will add value for your brand by drawing the attention of consumers.
  • Rapid prototyping. Northern Metal Products can generate prototypes in days instead of weeks to give you the chance to provide feedback while keeping your display’s production moving forward.

Partner With Northern Metal Products

Custom POP displays deliver significant value, with the most effective of them featuring innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship. At Northern Metal Products, we provide solutions that make your brand stand out. We develop our custom retail displays to meet your project’s design goals, timeframe, and budget. With a partnership approach, we are here to support you in determining what displays are right for your business.

Northern Metal Products is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been providing comprehensive manufacturing solutions since 1959. We are a leading provider of custom tubing, wire, and sheet metal fabrication services, and our products meet the global demands of highly diverse industries. As a provider of turnkey solutions, we perform the majority of our services on-site at our 170,000-sq.-ft. facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, contact us today, or you can get started on a custom solution by requesting a quote.


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