Retail displays can get big. Really big. And sometimes there just isn’t enough room in your storage closet for all of your Point of Purchase (POP) displays and accessories. That’s why Northern Metal Products offers warehousing and inventory fulfillment solutions for your displays and accessories. With over 40,000 square feet of temperature-controlled storage space, there’s plenty of room in our warehouse for storing displays before, during, and after a rollout.

In addition to storage, our inventory management expertise lets you concentrate on your business while we take care of your custom displays. Maybe you decided to buy in bulk to save on costs, but need the deliveries spread out. Or perhaps you’re launching a national rollout and need your displays and related materials shipped to specific destinations. Or you may need to store specific types of POP displays for future retail openings.

No problem.

No matter when or where you need to use your POP displays or when you need to keep them in storage, our distribution services work hand in hand with warehousing and inventory, making sure your displays are shipped and stored with care.

Find out more about how warehousing and inventory fulfillment with Northern Metal Products can work for your business.


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