Trouble-free ways to ensure a Kleen-Flo of pumped water!

KLEEN-FLO is a practical approach to filtering or screening water that is taken from lakes, streams, reservoirs or similar sources. The KLEEN-FLO intake screen filters virtually all dirt and foreign matter from the intake. The system consists of a cylindrical metal cage with a vinyl coating, a heavy duty slip-over fiberglass screen, and a threaded pipe fitting at one end that is adaptable to any intake tap or line up to 1-1/2” in diameter. The system as a whole is immune to rot and mildew with protection from corrosion.

One way to install a Kleen-Flo unit is with metal hanging hooks at each end of the unit, which suspend it neatly under docks at summer homes or resorts. The unit is out of the way and hangs underwater without resting on the bottom of the body of water.

Another easy way to install a Kleen-Flo unit is from one or two posts or piers driven offshore. Using a hanger chain allows for a quick depth of suspension change if water level varies.

Kleen-Flo units will fit readily into wells, cisterns or open reservoirs used to retain water for special purposes.