There’s no reason to put projects on hold in order to wait for a prototype. Fortunately, Northern Metal Products’ innovative design, advanced engineering and rapid prototyping are fully integrated to provide you with the highest quality product in a quick timeframe. In addition, our OEM partnership approach brings our design team together with your engineers to determine the most effective designs while keeping your project on time and on budget from the first laser cutting to the final powder coat and finishing.

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What you can expect:

  • Innovative design
  • Aggressive lead-times
  • Advanced engineering
  • Rapid prototyping

Innovative design.

At Northern Metal Products, you get the flexibility and freedom to work with our design teams. That means your engineers and our designers collaborate to conjure effective, quality and timely fabrication projects.

Aggressive lead-times.

It’s pretty straightforward. Northern Metal Products offers a broad range of manufacturing capabilities that, in most cases, allow for projects to be completed in-house. Unlike manufacturing shops that outsource most critical components, our one-stop-shop gives you aggressive lead-times, fewer setbacks and unmatched quality.

Engineering for manufacturability.

Our design and manufacturing teams work together to ensure that we engineer and build your components in the most efficient manner. By engaging with you as early as possible in the design process, we can deliver significant value in terms of cost control, defect reduction and ease of installation. Our integrated process keeps product flowing, while reducing waste and cost.

Advanced engineering.

We take a collaborative, partnership approach when it comes to your metal fabrication. Our design team works alongside your engineers, sharing ideas, providing solutions and utilizing SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Solid Edge and other innovative design tools to transform ideas into workable, effective, creative solutions.

Rapid Prototyping.

When you work with Northern Metal Products, you’ll only have to wait a matter of days as opposed to weeks for prototype development. Offering fully manufactured prototypes made to the highest standards and utilizing dedicated staff and equipment, you can experience the convenience of speedy development without sacrificing quality.

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