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Appearance has a substantial value in the retail industry. Therefore, companies should always consider creating effective marketing materials when promoting products in their stores. Retail displays successfully draw in target customers. Consequently, retail displays directly impact consumers’ purchase decisions – the more presentable they are, the more attractive and attention-grabbing they will be.

Investing in high-quality display cases is essential in ensuring an increase in product sales. We offer premium display cases at Northern Metal Products that enable items to stand out amidst an over-saturated market. Our display cases can be installed permanently, semi-permanently, or temporarily, depending on your retail needs.

Benefits Of Creating Retail Display

Aside from attracting prospective customers to enter the physical store, effective retail display also delivers many advantages to business owners, such as:

Promote Slow-Moving Items

One marketing strategy that can help slow-moving products to sell faster is through retail displays. Retail displays make these items look more attractive. Mixing them with items in high demand or simply highlighting them in an area frequented by shoppers in your store increases awareness about these items.

Announce Sales

Sales are crucial in any business operation as such drive income, yield cash, and clear unsold items. Retail displays can effectively inform customers about sales and other marketing promotions to encourage customers to purchase. Launching sale promotions is also an effective way to boost revenue and dispose of slow-moving products.

Welcome A Season

Holiday-specific items substantially increase sales. Thus, it is vital to properly display these products to welcome a season. Display cases are ideal for such occasions as it highlights the items from non-seasonal ones. Retail displays are also perfect hosts for season-themed decorations that usually boost customer visits to a physical store.

Elements Of An Effective Retail Display

A retail display is a compelling driver of sales if done successfully. This section will guide you through the elements of effective visual marketing to help you maximize the opportunities available through retail or trade marketing strategies.


Use an asymmetrical order in arranging items to display. The approach will help lure customers into checking out the products showcased.

Object Size

It is essential to emphasize hierarchy in the display. For example, place larger objects atop the smaller ones. Through this, customers can easily see the products you would like to highlight on your retail display counters.


Color choices highly influence the mood and emotions of the customers inside the store. Therefore, using the color theory and applying its concepts will come in handy when choosing the appropriate color scheme for the retail display. Additionally, store owners should avoid selecting dull hues or those that cause uneasiness in the eyes, as this will divert customers’ interests.

Focal Point

Products to be displayed should blend in with the background, props, and signages used for the retail display. The displayed items need to be the focal point of the exhibit. Hence, other materials should not steal the spotlight from them. For example, it is a common practice to locate expensive items on eye-level retail display shelves to encourage customers to buy them over their less expensive counterparts.


Appropriate lighting is necessary for the success of any retail display. Lights help apply more focus on the items on the display case, as it emphasizes the products’ colors and other notable features. Lighting also defines the mood and ambiance that you want to highlight for your brand.


Remember that less is more. Store owners should avoid clutter or displaying more items than necessary. Instead, they should focus on objects relevant to their retail objectives. For instance, store owners should exclude products sold during the summer season when displaying Christmas items.

Additional Tips

Apart from incorporating these elements in the retail display, store owners should also take note of the following tips:

  • Add Signages: Text considerably helps in promoting products on display cases. However, it is important to keep it minimal, as overusing text can disadvantage products.
  • Stimulate The Senses: Although visuals massively help a product sell, store owners should not rely on them alone. The best displays evoke people’s senses — like smell, touch, hearing, and feelings.
  • Document The Displays: After setting up the display case, it is recommended to document them for reference. Take several snapshots and note the materials and time spent to make the display. If successful, store owners can recreate these display cases for future use.
  • Invest in Display Cases With Top-Notch Quality. Investing in high-quality retail display cases is essential in ensuring that the efforts dedicated to visual merchandising will be all worth it.

Achieve Successful Retail Display With Northern Metal Products

Northern Metal Products has provided high-quality Point of Purchase displays to our clients for over 50 years. Our display cases allow products in your store to catch customers’ attention even amidst a cluttered environment. We also offer unlimited customization, ideal for meeting our clients’ specific and unique demands.

Please request a quote to work with our design and prototype team in creating the most effective and engaging displays for your products!