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  1. Fabricating High-Performance Components for Motorsports

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    High-performance components are essential in motorsports because they enhance the overall speed and acceleration of vehicles, directly impacting competitive edge on the race track. They also lead to better handling and maneuverability. Thus, high-performance parts ensure that the cars can endure rigorous racing conditions without compromising performance.

    In this article, we will discuss motorsports fabrication for high-performance parts and list down fabricated components needed for these vehicles.

    Benefits of High-Performance Motorsports Fabrication

    Fabricating high-quality motorsports components offers the following benefits that contribute to the heightened performance, durability, and competitiveness of racing vehicles:

    Aerodynamic Enhancements

    Various fabrication techniques are employed to create aerodynamic components that optimize airflow around the motorsports vehicle. Body panels, wings, and diffusers are meticulously designed and manufactured to reduce drag, increase downforce, and enhance overall aerodynamic efficiency. These enhancements contribute to higher top speeds and improve the vehicle’s stability and cornering ability.

    Customization for Performance Optimization

    Advanced fabrication methods allow manufacturers and designers to customize components depending on specific performance requirements. This level of customization is essential because racing conditions, tracks, and vehicle types vary. Engineers can tailor parts such as exhaust systems, intake manifolds, and engine components to maximize power output, fuel efficiency, and performance.

    Efficient Use of High-Performance Materials

    High-performance motorsports fabrication enables the strategic use of materials like titanium and high-strength alloys. While costly, they provide a unique balance of strength and weight reduction. Rigorous engineering and fabrication methods are employed when using these materials in vital components to ensure that the car benefits from their superior qualities.

    Enhanced Structural Integrity

    Carefully fabricated components — especially chassis and roll cages — contribute significantly to the structural integrity of motorsports vehicles. Precision engineering ensures that these parts are strong enough to withstand the intense forces during racing and are designed to be lightweight. This balance guarantees that the car is sturdy and resilient while maintaining speed and agility.

    Improved Handling and Responsiveness

    Fabrication is instrumental in developing suspension components that enhance a vehicle’s handling and responsiveness. For example, engineers can design and fabricate suspension systems that provide optimal traction, stability, and control. This is crucial for drivers navigating different racing conditions, including sharp turns, uneven surfaces, and high-speed straights.

    Common Fabricated Components for Motorsports

    Here are the most common fabricated parts and components for motorsports:

    • Aerodynamic components: These optimize downforce and reduce drag for enhanced stability, cornering ability, and overall aerodynamic efficiency.
    • Body panels: These reduce overall vehicle weight while maintaining structural integrity and contribute to aerodynamic efficiency and improved speed.
    • Brake systems: These incorporate advanced designs for improved heat dissipation and reduced weight, promoting efficient braking and heat management during high-speed racing.
    • Chassis: These provide a strong and rigid framework for the vehicle, ensuring structural integrity while minimizing weight.
    • Exhaust systems: These are engineered for optimal flow and performance, contributing to increased horsepower and torque.
    • Roll cages: These enhance the safety and structural integrity of the vehicle, providing protection for the driver and maintaining chassis rigidity during extreme racing conditions.
    • Suspension components: These significantly enhance handling, responsiveness, and overall car performance on the racetrack.
    • Wheels: These are designed to be lightweight to reduce unsprung mass and improve acceleration and braking for enhanced performance.

    Northern Metal Products: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Fabrication

    At Northern Metal Products, we deliver tailored fabrication solutions to our clients in diverse industries. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in manufacturing has been the cornerstone of our success, as we consistently adhere to and surpass industry standards. We also ensure that every project is executed with meticulous attention to detail, from planning to delivery.

    Contact us or request a quote to start your project with us!


  2. Customizing Your Farm: How Fabrication Is Transforming Agriculture

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    Fabrication is indispensable in providing agriculture with the tools and infrastructure necessary for increased productivity and resource optimization. It also extends to the production of implements like plows, harvesters, and seeders. These devices are crafted to improve precision and reduce environmental impact, aligning with the industry’s growing focus on sustainable practices.

    Here are the transformative roles of fabrication in the agriculture industry to meet the demands of a dynamic environment.

    Key Roles of Agriculture Fabrication

    The following aspects contribute to the continuous improvement and modernization of the agriculture industry:

    Equipment Customization

    One of the primary roles of agriculture fabrication is the customization of equipment. Farming operations frequently have specific needs based on soil type, crop variety, and climate. Fabrication enables the design and manufacture of specialized machinery tailored to these unique needs, increasing efficiency and performance.

    Common examples of fabricated agricultural tools and equipment are as follows:

    • Plows: agricultural implements designed to turn and break up soil, preparing it for planting
    • Harrows: farming tools with sharp-toothed discs or tines used to level ground after plowing
    • Seeders: machines used for planting seeds efficiently and uniformly across a field
    • Greenhouses: components with transparent walls and roofs that create a controlled environment
    • Tractors: motorized vehicles used for towing, plowing, and other farming tasks
    • Custom attachments: extra modifications that can be added to the basic tools for specific needs

    Precision Farming Technologies

    Fabrication is crucial in the development of precision farming technologies. This includes creating sensor-equipped devices, automated systems, and GPS-guided machinery. These advanced technologies enable farmers to optimize resource use, reduce waste, and improve productivity by precisely managing tasks like planting, irrigation, and harvesting.

    Infrastructure Development

    Fabrication aids in the development of critical agricultural infrastructure. This includes building greenhouses, storage facilities, and irrigation systems. They provide a regulated climate for crops, protection from unfavorable weather conditions, and effective storage options. These are all essential for preserving agricultural produce’s overall quality and quantity.

    Adoption of Sustainable Practices

    Agriculture fabrication supports the industry’s shift towards sustainability. Fabricated equipment can be designed with eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient components. Moreover, precision technologies developed through fabrication contribute to sustainable farming practices by minimizing water use, fertilizers, and pesticides, reducing environmental impact.

    Innovation in Machinery

    Fabrication fosters innovation in agricultural machinery. Developing advanced implements, such as autonomous tractors and robotic harvesters, relies heavily on fabrication expertise. These innovations increase the efficiency of farm operations and address specific challenges such as labor shortages and rising production costs.

    Importance of Fabrication in Lawn and Garden

    Aside from its applications in agriculture, fabrication contributes to creating equipment for efficient and effective landscaping. One of the key aspects is the production of gardening tools and equipment, such as lawnmowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers. These are crafted to meet lawn and garden maintenance needs, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

    Fabrication extends to constructing structures and features that enhance outdoor spaces’ overall aesthetics and functionality. This includes decorative elements such as ornamental fences, pergolas, and garden sculptures. These fabricated structures support climbing plants, define garden boundaries, and create inviting outdoor environments.

    In addition to tools and infrastructures, fabrication is key in developing irrigation systems and sustainable gardening solutions. Fabricated components like sprinklers, hoses, and water-efficient irrigation systems are essential for maintaining healthy lawns and gardens. Furthermore, fabrication supports the design and production of eco-friendly features such as compost bins and solar-powered garden lights.

    Choose Northern Metal Products for Your Fabrication Needs

    For over five decades, Northern Metal Products has been a reliable partner that delivers tailored solutions that embody precision and quality. With a commitment to excellence in manufacturing, we have consistently upheld industry standards and customer expectations. Our reputation is also built on the pillars of prompt delivery, ensuring that our clients receive their products on time.

    Contact us or request a quote to start your project with us!

  3. How to Design an Effective Retail Display Solution

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    Appearance has a substantial value in the retail industry. Therefore, companies should always consider creating effective marketing materials when promoting products in their stores. Retail displays successfully draw in target customers. Consequently, retail displays directly impact consumers’ purchase decisions – the more presentable they are, the more attractive and attention-grabbing they will be.

    Investing in high-quality display cases is essential in ensuring an increase in product sales. We offer premium display cases at Northern Metal Products that enable items to stand out amidst an over-saturated market. Our display cases can be installed permanently, semi-permanently, or temporarily, depending on your retail needs.

    Benefits Of Creating Retail Display

    Aside from attracting prospective customers to enter the physical store, effective retail display also delivers many advantages to business owners, such as:

    Promote Slow-Moving Items

    One marketing strategy that can help slow-moving products to sell faster is through retail displays. Retail displays make these items look more attractive. Mixing them with items in high demand or simply highlighting them in an area frequented by shoppers in your store increases awareness about these items.

    Announce Sales

    Sales are crucial in any business operation as such drive income, yield cash, and clear unsold items. Retail displays can effectively inform customers about sales and other marketing promotions to encourage customers to purchase. Launching sale promotions is also an effective way to boost revenue and dispose of slow-moving products.

    Welcome A Season

    Holiday-specific items substantially increase sales. Thus, it is vital to properly display these products to welcome a season. Display cases are ideal for such occasions as it highlights the items from non-seasonal ones. Retail displays are also perfect hosts for season-themed decorations that usually boost customer visits to a physical store.

    Elements Of An Effective Retail Display

    A retail display is a compelling driver of sales if done successfully. This section will guide you through the elements of effective visual marketing to help you maximize the opportunities available through retail or trade marketing strategies.


    Use an asymmetrical order in arranging items to display. The approach will help lure customers into checking out the products showcased.

    Object Size

    It is essential to emphasize hierarchy in the display. For example, place larger objects atop the smaller ones. Through this, customers can easily see the products you would like to highlight on your retail display counters.


    Color choices highly influence the mood and emotions of the customers inside the store. Therefore, using the color theory and applying its concepts will come in handy when choosing the appropriate color scheme for the retail display. Additionally, store owners should avoid selecting dull hues or those that cause uneasiness in the eyes, as this will divert customers’ interests.

    Focal Point

    Products to be displayed should blend in with the background, props, and signages used for the retail display. The displayed items need to be the focal point of the exhibit. Hence, other materials should not steal the spotlight from them. For example, it is a common practice to locate expensive items on eye-level retail display shelves to encourage customers to buy them over their less expensive counterparts.


    Appropriate lighting is necessary for the success of any retail display. Lights help apply more focus on the items on the display case, as it emphasizes the products’ colors and other notable features. Lighting also defines the mood and ambiance that you want to highlight for your brand.


    Remember that less is more. Store owners should avoid clutter or displaying more items than necessary. Instead, they should focus on objects relevant to their retail objectives. For instance, store owners should exclude products sold during the summer season when displaying Christmas items.

    Additional Tips

    Apart from incorporating these elements in the retail display, store owners should also take note of the following tips:

    • Add Signages: Text considerably helps in promoting products on display cases. However, it is important to keep it minimal, as overusing text can disadvantage products.
    • Stimulate The Senses: Although visuals massively help a product sell, store owners should not rely on them alone. The best displays evoke people’s senses — like smell, touch, hearing, and feelings.
    • Document The Displays: After setting up the display case, it is recommended to document them for reference. Take several snapshots and note the materials and time spent to make the display. If successful, store owners can recreate these display cases for future use.
    • Invest in Display Cases With Top-Notch Quality. Investing in high-quality retail display cases is essential in ensuring that the efforts dedicated to visual merchandising will be all worth it.

    Achieve Successful Retail Display With Northern Metal Products

    Northern Metal Products has provided high-quality Point of Purchase displays to our clients for over 50 years. Our display cases allow products in your store to catch customers’ attention even amidst a cluttered environment. We also offer unlimited customization, ideal for meeting our clients’ specific and unique demands.

    Please request a quote to work with our design and prototype team in creating the most effective and engaging displays for your products!

  4. How To Choose the Right POP Display To Maximize Sales

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    Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are among the most effective and efficient marketing methods. Its primary purpose is to attract the focus of customers entering and navigating a store. These displays are usually combined with a product’s promotional materials and are deliberately placed throughout the building.

    Maintaining sales conversion can be a challenging task, which is why it is essential to select the most effective displays for your retail store. A well-executed retail display can effectively convert window shoppers into buyers, maximizing sales conversions. This article will guide you through the most common display styles and give tips for choosing the best one.

    What Is a POP Display?

    A POP display is a retail marketing strategy to advertise new products and special offers to customers. It is intended to pique shoppers’ interests with its creative elements, including taglines, logos, and other visual effects. This marketing strategy also employs distinctive techniques to attract customers.

    POP displays are commonly used in convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and major retailers such as Target. The following styles have been proven and tested to increase sales:

    Retail Signage

    Also referred to as a business signboard, retail signage is a visual display that conveys a message to a specific audience. It is regarded as the most efficient and economical form of advertising for businesses. Moreover, retail signage typically includes window displays, informational banners, outdoor signs, digital boards, and more.

    Floor Display

    A floor display is a broad category of retail displays placed on the floor. It is ideally suited for transporting small to moderate quantities of merchandise into retail stores and high-traffic consumer locations. The most common types of floor displays are gravity-fed units, dump bins, pallet displays, case stackers, and shelves.

    Shelf Display

    A shelf display is a POP retail display utilized to sell and advertise products. It is less expensive than sidekicks, floorstands, and other large displays but can drive sales just as effectively. Depending on the retailer’s needs, it is also available in various sizes and shapes and is suitable for keeping products organized and visually appealing.

    Essential Tips for Choosing the Right POP Display

    An effective POP display increases brand recognition, communicates your marketing strategy, reinforces your message, and draws attention. You can use these displays in various ways, but it is important to consider several factors when selecting and using them. These include the location, the style that best fits your product, and how to use displays to your maximum advantage.

    Here are essential tips for selecting the ideal display to maximize sales:

    1.    Identify the Most Appropriate Display Locations

    Location is crucial in advertising a product in a retail store. Conduct preliminary research to determine what kind of consumers you would like to attract and the type of signboards that will capture their attention. Most displays are placed near the product, in the middle of footpaths, at aisle ends, or on shelves.

    2.    Consider the Products’ Dimensions

    Every display has its product size standards and requirements. For instance, sidekicks, endcaps, and counter displays are recommended for small, lightweight products. On the other hand, larger items are typically displayed using floor displays, pallet displays, and dump bins. Additionally, ensure that all products are readily accessible and that the displays are consistently stocked.

    3.    Choose the Display Style Based on Your Store’s Requirements

    There are a variety of POP display styles, and it is important to understand why one may be more advantageous for your store than another. The most common types are as follows:

    • Dump bins: Dump bins are the best display style for bulk products. They are excellent for enticing customers to explore a display and dig through your merchandise.
    • PDQ trays in shelf compartments: PDQ (or pretty darn quick) trays in shelf compartments are usually placed on another display or next to the cash register. They are commonly found in supermarkets and convenience stores to boost product visibility.
    • Sidekicks: Ideal for targeting impulse buyers, sidekicks are small displays that occupy underutilized store corners to grab the attention of passing shoppers. They are also often used in checkout lanes.
    • Endcaps: Endcaps are slightly larger than sidekicks and are usually located on the end of aisles. They are appropriate for impulse purchases and new products.

    4.    Leverage Cross-Selling

    POP displays are ideal for showcasing matching or similar products. This strategy will help the customers locate the products that can be purchased together, thereby increasing their average order value. Try mixing and matching different displays to accommodate a selection of products.

    Custom POP Displays From Northern Metal Products

    For more than 50 years, Northern Metal Products has been the leader in designing and manufacturing OEM fabrication and POP displays! We provide premium displays and limitless customization options to our customers in various industries.

    Regardless of your industry, we have the quality, trustworthiness, and speed to meet your deadlines and budgetary constraints. Visit our POP capabilities page to learn more about what we can do. You can also contact us or request a quote to start your project with us.

  5. What To Look For in Your Product Display Solution Manufacturer

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    Point-of-purchase (POP) marketing is designed to reach consumers already in the market for a product, making it simpler for them to upgrade or add to what they are already planning to buy. POP marketing may include product signages that provide additional information or suggest related products to those already in a customer’s shopping basket.

    When a consumer purchases a product from you for the first time, the checkout procedure is frequently the beginning of your business relationship with them. This relationship can be built upon and nurtured using product display solution services.

    What Are Product Display Solutions?

    A product display solution aims to attract customers’ attention through visual prompts or designs. It may provide information on a particular product, including its size, pricing, color, user reviews, etc. Often, these display fixtures represent your products’ theme or follow your brand guidelines.

    Benefits of POP Displays

    It’s terrific to draw many customers into your store, but your efforts will likely only be worthwhile if they turn into purchases. How can you increase the visibility and purchasability of your goods in a visually busy retail environment? Product display solutions are the key.

    The primary goal of a POP display is to increase in-store sales by urging customers to buy certain products. A particular campaign, a seasonal item, or new releases may all be promoted using this product display solution.

    POP displays can significantly increase your return on investment when constructed and designed well. They also capture and engage customers, amplify brand perception, and effectively target impulse buyers.

    To make these all possible, working with the right product display solution provider is crucial.

    Factors To Consider When Hiring a POP Manufacturer

    In brick-and-mortar retail stores, attention-grabbing displays and visual merchandising are crucial to generating sales. Thus, if you plan to work with a product display manufacturer to deliver POP solutions that work, here are some qualities you should consider:

    Structural Capabilities

    Working with a reputable packaging company with structural engineers on staff will ensure that displays are durable and remain intact during shipment, display, and storage.

    Visual Design Technique and Knowledge

    Work with a POP manufacturer capable of creating window displays that are aesthetically appealing, practical, and engaging. When designed and formatted properly, texts and colors can pop and engage customers even when the displays are small.

    Easy To Move, Construct, and Deconstruct

    Some POP displays are seasonal and are regularly replaced inside stores. Thus, working with a product display solution manufacturer capable of creating easy-to-assemble and reusable POP displays is critical.

    Northern Metal Products: Your Best POP Marketing Solution Provider

    At Northern Metal Products, we have a team of professional designers and visual merchandisers to help you create effective designs for your retail stores. We’ll ensure that your personalized displays draw in, hold, and inspire your consumers’ attention by combining various materials with clever, efficient designs.

    We are ready to change the way your customers see your marketing displays! Contact us to see the difference.

  6. Why a Custom POP Display May Be the Right Choice for Your Retail Store

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    Retailers recognize the importance of offering customers a unique and unforgettable shopping experience. One way to achieve this is by utilizing point-of-purchase (POP) displays. They are designed to capture customers’ attention and promote products.

    POP displays are an indispensable marketing tool for any retail business seeking to enhance the overall shopping experience. Although numerous types are available, opting for custom ones will ensure they successfully promote your products and complement your store’s ambiance.

    This article will explore the benefits of choosing a custom POP display and why it may be a wise choice for your retail establishment.

    Benefits of a Custom POP Display

    A POP display offers a range of benefits, ultimately leading to a more engaging and effective shopping experience for your customers. Here are some of its primary advantages:

    Improved Brand Recognition

    Businesses can seamlessly integrate their brand’s color, logo, and messaging into the design, which results in unique and engaging POP displays. Also, consistent and visually appealing elements increase customer brand recognition and awareness.

    Enhanced Product Visibility

    By creating POP displays, retailers can highlight specific items or product lines in a manner that helps customers locate and purchase them more easily. The displays can also be positioned in high-traffic areas of the store to enhance product visibility and capture customers’ attention. High-traffic areas include the entrance, near the checkout counter, and at the end of each aisle.

    Flexibility and Versatility

    A custom POP display can be smoothly blended into the retailer’s brand and image, resulting in a polished and uniform appearance throughout the store. It also offers versatility regarding their placement within the store. For example, it can be placed on the floor, hung from the ceiling, or fixed on a countertop.


    Although they may have a higher initial cost than pre-made exhibits, POP displays are a long-term investment tailored to the store’s specific demands and objectives. They are also durable and resistant to wear and tear so they can be utilized repeatedly.

    Types of POP Displays

    Several displays are available for businesses to promote their products effectively in-store. The main types can be classified based on their display duration: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent.

    Temporary Displays

    Temporary POP displays are ideal for short-term marketing campaigns, such as seasonal specials or product launches. They are often made of lightweight materials designed to be removed when the promotion ends. Moreover, these displays are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be put in high-traffic store areas to increase visibility.

    Semi-Permanent Displays

    Semi-permanent POP displays offer more flexibility than temporary displays in design and customization. They can be modified to promote new products or campaigns without being replaced. They are also constructed from more durable materials — such as plastic or metal — which makes them sturdier and more resistant to wear and tear.

    Permanent Displays

    Permanent POP displays are designed to be a long-term asset for businesses, made from high-quality materials like metal, hardwood, or glass. They may have a higher initial cost, but they are reusable promotional tools that may advertise products for a long time.

    Make the Right Decision for Your Business With Northern Metal Products!

    Northern Metal Products has been the industry leader in OEM fabrication and POP display design and manufacturing for over 50 years! Our premium displays come with limitless customization options to meet the unique needs of our customers across various industries. We also pride ourselves on providing high-quality products that are reliable, efficient, and delivered on time and within budget.

    Contact us today to learn more about our display solutions, or request a quote to start your next project with us!

  7. How To Choose the Right OEM Metal Fabrication Shop

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    Selecting the appropriate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) metal fabrication shop can substantially impact a company’s success. A competent partner can assist you in achieving your objectives by increasing efficiency, enhancing quality, and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction. In contrast, dealing with an unfit service provider might result in delivery delays and decreased revenue.

    Metal fabrication is a manufacturing process that involves cutting, bending, and shaping metal to make various components, such as tools, machinery parts, and building materials. Whether you are a business owner or a procurement manager, it is crucial to carefully evaluate your options.

    Consider the following essential tips to identify the most suitable OEM metal fabrication shop for your needs:

    1. Assess the Shop’s Experience and Expertise

    The metal fabrication process is complex and demands high competence to consistently deliver top-quality products. Therefore, selecting a service provider with extensive knowledge of the process is essential. A capable partner will also possess technical expertise in choosing suitable materials, equipment, and methods to ensure that the product meets your requirements.

    You can assess their project portfolio to establish whether they have accomplished similar projects to yours. This will give you an idea of their competence and ability to manage complex metal production jobs. In addition, you can check their reputation by reading online reviews or contacting past clients for recommendations.

    2. Ensure Quality Control Measures

    An OEM metal fabrication shop prioritizing high-quality products and services will have strict quality control measures. These measures may include inspections, testing, and production process monitoring. You must also choose a provider using high-quality materials and machinery for manufacturing reliable, long-lasting components.

    Check whether or not they hold any pertinent certifications. Certifications such as ISO 9001 indicate that the provider follows the industry’s best practices and maintains high-quality standards. The provider proves their dedication to meeting quality and safety standards by obtaining these recognitions.

    3. Inquire About the Shop’s Equipment

    The metal fabrication industry is constantly evolving, and a provider who stays ahead of the advancements is more likely to deliver high-quality components. Advanced equipment can also result in shorter turnaround times and lower production costs.

    The following are examples of advanced equipment and technologies for metal fabrication:

    • 3D printing technology
    • Automated bending machines
    • Automated material handling systems
    • CAD/CAM software
    • CNC machines
    • Laser cutters
    • Plasma cutters
    • Powder coating equipment
    • Robotic welding systems
    • Waterjet cutters

    4. Ensure Good Customer Service

    An OEM metal fabrication shop’s responsiveness and customer service are critical in determining suitability. A dependable provider must also possess strong communication skills and deliver regular project updates. They should also provide technical guidance and suggestions regarding the optimal fabrication procedures for achieving the desired results.

    5. Be Wary of Extremely Low Pricing

    It may be tempting to choose the shop offering the lowest prices. However, it is necessary to be cautious while making such a choice. Opting for a provider with extremely low prices could be a warning sign that they are compromising the quality of their products in some way. This could be due to low-quality materials, outdated equipment, or unskilled labor.

    Instead of being fixated on the price, it is crucial to consider the overall value that the provider offers. For example, a service provider with slightly higher pricing but top-notch quality services may be cost-effective in the long run.

    Northern Metal Products: The One-Stop Shop for Your Metal Fabrication Needs

    Northern Metal Products has been a trusted partner for over 50 years, providing tailored solutions, excellent manufacturing, quick delivery, and committed support for OEM services! We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, guaranteeing quality assurance in our operations. We also offer a wide range of services, from wire forming and assembly to machining and stamping.

    Contact us or request a quote to start your project with us!

  8. The Possibilities of Metal Fabrication

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    Small metal box

    Northern Metal Products has been a leading manufacturer of custom wire, tube, and sheet metal fabrication for over 60 years, and has more recently expanded into POP retail display. We offer superior design, advanced engineering, and aggressive lead times, while operating on a philosophy of continuous improvement.


    Metal fabrication is the manufacturing process used to cut, fold, or shape metal into a part or product designed for a specific commercial, industrial, or structural application. There are several metals that are favorable for fabrication, as well as a range of fabrication methods available to achieve the desired part geometry and finish.